Artistic project in Struga gathered artists and enthusiasts from 6 countries

A Youth exchange took place in Struga, N. Macedonia from 06 – 14 May 2022 as the final mobility of our Strategic Partnership project ‘Art is My Weapon’ established between the UK, N. Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, and Slovenia implemented under the Erasmus+ Programme. Thus, during the Youth exchange, the 42 participants from 6 European countries had an opportunity to get to know each other with name games, ice -breakers and team-building activities, as well as to paint a big mural on a giant wall (60m long and 2m tall) as part of a football field next to the Red Cross Training Center ‘Solferino’ in Struga. The participants were painted with sprays and acrylic paints on the topics of solidarity, unity, inclusion and equity as important human values for building inclusive societies. 

Besides that, during the Youth exchange, the participants took part in creative workshops from our Toolkit created during our second mobility as part of the ‘Art is my Weapon’ Strategic Partnership project – the Training course in Ptuj, Slovenia happening in December 2021. During this Training course last December, the youth workers were coming up with creative non-formal tools and methods about how to address solidarity, unity, inclusion, and equity among young people. Given that, as part of the activities of the Youth exchange, we were also implementing methods from the Toolkit with the youngsters taking part in the youth exchange.   

Check out the photos and videos below to see what amazing piece of street art the participants created during the 7-day Youth exchange in Struga.