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2nd LTT Activity as part of the project ‘Heritage YOUth Perspective’ was implemented in Struga

During the 01-07 of April 2022 in the beautiful hotel Solferino in Struga was implemented the 2nd LTTA, as part of the KA2 project “Heritage YOUth Perspective”

5 days were well spent learning about video making, through various workshops and from 2 experienced trainers from Spain and Portugal.

The group was composed of 5 teams representing 5 different countries where partners come from (Portugal, Romania, Denmark, Macedonia, and Spain).

We started the training by getting to know each other through a number of well-facilitated ice-breaking activities. We were briefed about the program’s objectives and the goals of the Erasmus program of the European Commission as well. In the upcoming days, the program was focused on theoretical and practical knowledge of video recording and editing, and during most of the workshops participants had different small practical tasks, so they can put the knowledge into practice. The videos and presentations that were made, were mostly focused on the project topic, by presenting national crafts.

As part of the training, was an organized cultural trip to Ohrid city, where we visited a few cultural hotspots, but also a very national handmade paper workshop, where participants had a chance to see and try making their own handmade paper. Also,a video was made on the topic of cultural crafts.

The LTTA is finished, and participants are ready to take part in the upcoming local activities and videos.

We didn’t just learn how to shoot and edit videos but we also learned a lot from each other, we laughed and cried together, and spent the most pleasant time in the beautiful and welcoming North Macedonia.

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