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YOUTH EXCHANGE “Theatre as Tool of Intercultural Learning” 30.07 – 07.08.2022– Struga, Macedonia

One week youth exchange started on 30 July and ended on 07 August 2022, in Hotel Solferino, in Struga, Macedonia. In this project, 60 youth representatives from organizations participated from 6 different countries: Youth Council Next Generation (North Macedonia); Genclik Mevsimi Dernegi (Turkey); Asociatia D.G.T (Romania); Udruzenje mladih Zvonce (Serbia); Kulturpunkten (Sweden); Association ‘’I can, I know, I create’’ (Bulgaria). 

In those 7 days, participants got to know each other, they tackled the topic of intercultural learning and theater, they worked on breaking the barriers, they were part of fun sessions where they had the opportunity to get into acting,  learn the intricacies of theater and ways of creating stories and characters, besides all of them of course to show their opinion and to express their creativity, they had many discussions, simulations, and other workshops.

The main aim of the youth exchange ‘Theatre as Tool of Intercultural Learning’ is to address the topic of stereotypes and prejudices and to provide the participants an opportunity to face their own stereotypes and prejudices through theatre-based activities. In this way participants will have an opportunity to advance their intercultural competencies, increase their self-confidence and enable themself to effectively communicate and work with people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Every day was starting with fun energizers, after which the participants participated in sessions with a good concentration in mixed groups. The sessions contained intricacies of theater and ways of creating stories and characters.

At the end of every day, they had fun activities like intercultural evenings where each country presents part of their history, traditions, music, dances, and food, and after that, they had competitions in dancing, karaoke, and night for social games, etc.

During the project, the participants prepared for the Final event which they called ‘’Final Performance’’. Participants got divided into groups and asked to create their own countries with language, culture and history. In the end, they performed their countries in a way of acting and had a lot of fun, while presenting their prepared exhibitions, performances, etc. 

At the end of the project participants went away with good memories, new knowledge, increased presentation and acting skills, improved English language, and new friendships that will last so many years.