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The story of “Volunteer for Social Inclusion” Project in Floda, Sweden

Floda has flooded us with knowledge – Article written by the participants of the YE

“One week ago, we arrived at this magical place, that we would have never visited if it was not for the Erasmus plus project. Those seven days, that we spent here, were enough to turn a bunch of strangers into a perfectly working group of multinational friends, where the barriers even between most shy people melted. Since the very start, we played games that made us come out of our comfort zones, what many of us actually enjoyed. If it overwhelmed someone, the breaks were more than enough to relax and to get ready for other lessons of non-formal education. Our weak parts, which we carefully kept in secret from everyone, were directly exposed to people of many countries and the space for improvement was gigantic. 

   The project was about volunteering for social inclusion. The main goal of our facilitators was to spread the knowledge they have among us participants, which we would later choose to spread or not spread further. They did so by making us work in groups, through innovative methods of learning that were both amusing and informative. They kept making us to figure out the examples of volunteerism, its advantages, impact on people’s lives and they also wanted to hear about the volunteering situation in our countries, again to spread the knowledge further and to create chain reaction. The facilitators did a great thing, they decided to connect their love for volunteering and teaching young people to deliver absolutely perfect performance in explaining such a subject. The most memorable will probably be the energizers, which, in fact, really made us more energetic and optimistic about the upcoming workshop. At the end of the project we were making plans for using abilities we gained during youth exchange and implementing it in our local communities. We also learned a lot about each others culture during intercultural nights, so that our workshops werent just about hard work.”