London 3

Members of the Macedonian Team share their experience about the Youth Exchange in London with topic, The Art of project writing

After two years of Covid disaster, this youth exchange was a great opportunity to be back alive! The whole organisation was planned and implemented on a very high level. I had the opportunity to meet more than 40 people in one place, and spend all of them having deep conversations about the diversity of our cultures, how we spend our free time and what is our purpose for being part of the youth exchange.

The activities were planned in a theoretical but also practical way so we could gain the knowledge about the Art of writing a project for Erasmus + purpose. From the moment we have the problem we want to solve, we have the idea and the subject of the project which makes the process easier for writing the certain project.  – Rula Chalamani

The project was an amazing experience, the organisers, facilitators and logistics made the project even more interesting. I’m glad that I was in this topic in which I gained knowledge about project writing and met such amazing people from different countries which teached us beautiful new cultures and learned some new words from different languages. This was a wonderful opportunity for me and I’m looking forward to participate in more Erasmus+ projects.      – Astrit Aziri

This was one of the best projects I’ve participated in.

It was a great experience to be part of this journey with amazing people.

I learned a lot about project writing, working methods, tools etc.

The facilitators were very professional and well informed about the topic we had.

I’m very inspired to continue working with Erasmus+, to share and develop my ideas in my community.   -Ujkan Jani

From all the project I’ve been to, recently I took part in the project “The art of writing” and it was one of a kind. This journey made me realise a lot and I improved myself in every way possible. I felt accepted in that group of people, I am very thankful to the facilitators who made this project enjoyable with different activities and acknowledged us in the topic we had. Also meeting news cultures and learning new words from each of the country might be my favourite thing of Erasmus+ . I am thankful for this wonderful time and opportunity. Can’t wait to participate in other exchanges.  -Sihana Sejfullaji