Project Reference: 2019-2-UK01-KA105-062282
Country: United Kingdom
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

Main aim of the youth exchange “Gender in The Media” is to foster and encourage young people coming from rural areas to advocate for gender equality by the use of media and by raising awareness how they can better report, show case and promote gender equality through the biggest mediums and communication channels they use for their everyday job. Our project addresses gender as an equality issue, with positive approach to diminish the negative stereotypes and discrimination related to sex and/or gender.
We believe that women will have true equality when men share with them the responsibility of bringing up the next generation. It’s the only way how we can have and build successful equal society. Media is very important factor in the promotion of the gender equality, and we as youth workers and community leaders should educate our youngsters how to proactively react to these happening, how to report the hate speech therein and how to not use a sexist language.
Our project shall address gender as an equality issue, with positive approach to diminish the negative stereotypes and discrimination related to sex and/or gender and promote ethical media conduct in portraying gender issues.

During the youth exchange “Gender in the Media” the participants will take part in non-formal based activities with aim to reach following objectives:

– To raise awareness to the participants how to better report gender equality in the media, as well as fight the gender stereotypes and portrayed by various mediums and open the question of gender
– To Support and improve skills of participants by giving them practical and professional skills in various type of media approaches (written, audio, visual, photo etc.).
– To increase the awareness about importance of gendered media and societies and help them to develop competencies to work on project blog and improve their digital competencies;
– To analyze existing cases and design a structured strategy on how to report youth work, gender mainstreaming and gender culture in the media;
– To foster the participation of participants in taking role of media advocates and ensure ethical conduct in the media world.
– To promote the Erasmus + Programme as a strong tool for promoting gender issues through media and encourage them to take part in youth mobility
– Create an effective practice that can be used by all the partner promoters and the wider networks.

We believe that by the youth exchange “Gender in The Media” we will tackle the actual challenges that young people are facing in their communities and the participants will come up with a suggestions for a better portray of gender issues, but also each participant, partner association, collaborator and other beneficiaries will be encouraged to take the gender issues in consideration when drafting their communication strategies and while reporting their youth activities and/or any other project to the media. The youth exchange “Gender in The Media” will be a step forward in addressing the gender issues, especially because we work with young people and we should give them the correct information, allow them to foster their critical thinking while taking a stand or creating an opinion, hopefully without being manipulated by the media.
Project ‘Gender in The Media’ is youth exchange for young people in age 18 to 25 coming from UK, Bulgaria, Italy, Republic of North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey.

In duration of 7 working days, 60 participants through variety of non-formal activities, including name games, energizers and team building activities interactive presentations and simulations, theater based activities and discussions, will have opportunity to increase their awareness about importance of gender represented in media. During the YE the participants will have opportunity to develop their competencies and write short blog posts that will be published on the official project blog, and increase their knowledge in video recording and editing, which will be published on the official YOUTUBE channel of the project.
We agreed with the partners that we will support involvement of people who have previous Experience , but also we will encourage to apply the newcomers as well, who don’t have experience participating in Erasmus plus experience and who never experienced interaction on international level. Regarding the topic, gender discrimination presented in the media, future participants should have strong interest in the topic and be motivated to share their experiences with young people from their organizations and their communities. Moreover, sending organizations will pay attention that the participants will be able to communicate in English in way to be able to share their ideas and take part in the programme of youth exchange. In overall, youth exchange will connect 60 young people including 24 young people with fewer opportunities.
Together with our partners, we strongly believe that the YE “Gender in The Media’ will bring positive results and it will have impact on the participants, participating organization and in longer period of time also on participating communities.
Key impact/results of youth exchange:
1. Participants will gain new knowledge on gender based discrimination, inequality and influence of the media in the partners countries.
2. Participants will change their attitudes. We believe that they will become more open-minded, tolerant and moreover they will become encourage to address gender discrimination, to face own stereotypes, prejudices, realities towards the gender equality.
3. Participants will increase their sense of initiative and be open to take part in new local, international projects.
4. Participating organizations will better understand project management of youth projects under Erasmus + Programme.
5. Participating organizations will increase their capacities to create and to implement activities addressing gender equality involving young people from their communities.
6. Youth exchange ‘Gender in The Media’ will bring new local and international projects.
7. As recognition of their learning achievements the participants will receive YouthPass and will gain more knowledge for its key competencies and importance
8. Young people reached online through FB page of youth exchange and project blog will increase their knowledge on gender discrimination and importance of equality and Erasmus + Programme.