Project Reference: 2019-1-UK01-KA105-060530
Country: Turkey
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

We discussed the feedback with our team and young people involved in our activities and we decided to apply for youth exchange addressing gender issue and giving young people space to raise their knowledge on gender and especially develop their competencies to address gender-based discrimination in their communities.
We set following objectives of youth exchange “Identity”:
-to increase knowledge of the participants on gender equality and mechanisms leading to creating gender equal societies;
-to provide the participants an opportunity to reflect on own gender identity and the perception of society towards different genders;
-to open the question of gender discrimination with special focus to be paid young people representing LGBTQ;
The participants want to carry out this activity with main goal to contribute building gender equal societies by addressing gender-based discrimination, stereotypes, prejudices and by empowering young people to be actively involved in raising awareness on gender issues.
The participants are coming from countries with very different approach to gender. On one side we have UK as country of gender equality and on other side we have e.g. Macedonia were gender discrimination is strongly present and rooted. Nevertheless, all participants share their interest to learn about gender, gender issues and address gender discrimination.
Youth exchange “Identity” will be implemented by AFROLUSO together with Diyarbakir Cevre ve Kalkinma Dernegi in Istanbul, Turkey.
Dates of Youth Exchange (excluding travel dates): 1.9. – 9.9. 2019
Participants countries: UK, Denmark, Turkey, Lithuania, Macedonia and Slovakia
Number of Participants: 60 including group leaders. (8 youth and 2 group leaders from each country).
Working Methods:
Youth exchange “Identity” will be based on different non-formal learning methods and techniques: getting to know techniques and methods to create open and supportive environment and break the barriers between the participants; discussion on the importance of gender equality, presentations of gender realities in participant’s countries, comparing the realities and identifying the roots of gender discrimination, simulation with aim to gain better understanding of the consequences of gender discrimination, especially discrimination of LGBTQ and the role of young people in the process of addressing it, work in mix-intercultural teams on posts containing information about gender being spread through social networks with aim raise interest of young people in gender, gender issues.
Youth exchange “Identity” will include as newcomers as young people who already took part in mobility activities. Main reason for including as non-experienced as experienced young people is to support creating learning environment when one group is learning from other and where experienced one can support unexperienced ones in their learning.
In a long term perspective, we see new partnerships and new projects. Part of the YE is session focused on developing new project ideas. We believe that the session will bring minimum 3 new project ideas. We and our partners we will actively support the participants in the process of developing new project ideas. We believe that young participants of this youth exchange will stay in touch and make their ideas alive. We will keep the contact with partners and together work on new projects within Erasmus + Programme, because we are sure that build working partnership is long term process and good partners relationships are the basic of every projects. We will try to find groups which can become multipliers (local youngsters, represents of media, and represents of cultural and social life) of this project to spread the objectives and goals of this youth exchange.