Project Reference: 2019-1-UK01-KA105-060571
Country: Turkey
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 10

The principle goal of the project is to increase awareness among youth people all around Europe that music can be utilized as a social and instructive device for self-improvement. Also, to have a beneficial outcome in the society. Accordingly, with this Youth Exchange, we seek to enable them to become more and more dynamic in their life and to utilize their abilities towards a positive reason, for example, advancing tolerance and harmony among youth. In such manner, the project targets are as following:

To encourage youth to utilize music as educational device, also for social change.
To enable them to become more active in their life and to use their time significantly and more qualitatively step by step;
To change their own musical encounters, to create melodic abilities and to become familiar with the variety of procedures to improve innovatively;
To energize their ability and build their self-confidence;
To give suggestion about active youth contribution and to advance social incorporation through non-formal education, music and performance;
To clarify diverse methodologies and viewpoints in music, also to exchange experiences and practices;
To advance the Erasmus+ Program and non-formal education;
To give chance to intercultural exchange and to reinforce regard for traditional variety.
Moreover, the entire learning procedure will be founded on non-formal educational strategies where participants will create musical capabilities and will change their own melodic encounters, and also they will gain knowledge with an assortment of systems to build up their imagination and to utilize their time subjectively and conveniently. To be specific, participants will be associated with different introductions, inventive workshops, outside exercises, debates and intercultural exercises so as to meet projects targets and help participants build up their talents and make music advancing positive change. Hence, all through the entire Youth Exchange music will be made by the participants using vocals, instruments and innovation, and the project will finish with a final occasion with music performance, where the music, as well as the Erasmus+ Program and the projects’ results will be introduced. Henceforth, we are trying to give a space to youth people all around Europe, in which music can motivate them to take advantage their abilities, for spreading positive message, as well as to end up vessels of social change influencing their communities and urging their supporters to join. Included with such a development, participants will have a remarkable chance to drive that development forward for social change and to advance audience partners’ awareness of both the music and the cause. Additionally, workshops will be held about how participants to decide their own styles and how to manage circumstances while experiencing or seeing bullying, digital harassment or provocation. Other than that, every day each group of participants will have intercultural evening with an intend to strengthen in respect to for social traditional variety and to help concurrence of various cultural identites and beliefs.

Furthermore, the objective gathering of participants associated with this project will be youth who have enthusiasm to obtain and propel skills, acknowledge and competencies in the field of music and social change, given the standards of non-formal education. Participants will be between in the age of 18 and 30 years old, including the group leaders will’s identity 18+ years old. As these individuals are simply entering their adult years, they need certain level of knowledge and behaviours in ordet to contribute the society by being good examples for other youth. Given that, during this Youth exchange will be additionally included individuals who are keen on non-formal education and look to increase better comprehension in experiential learning and its techniques. Also, we believe that including youth with fewer opportunity, for example, unemployed youth, youth with cultural inclusion, youths living rural areas and so forth will help advance tolerance and anti-discrimination among participants originating from diverse and different backgrounds.
This Youth exchange will energize young people about self-articulation of their interests, feelings, interests and in going through their thoughts utilizing music as an instrument for having constructive outcome among other youth. Participating different debates and inventive workshops will upgrade their intellectuality, ethics, and capacities. Also this Youth exchange will enable them to take initiative and express social talents. In addition, the exchange on the theme will enable their self-improvement and build their international experience and will increase awareness of their role in the society. Subsequently, this project will offer tools to participants about how to transmit information, experience and skills to each other, how to take care of issues, how to build up social connections, and how to encourage individual and social improvement. Such activity will enable them to get familiar with themselves and the others in the society through exercises which consolidate test, learning and accomplishment. Moreover, with the recently picked up skills on youth activism, we expect that participants should be progressively persuaded to add to their local communities and to participate in the youth area more effectively. Additionally, participating in this project, youth will have a chance to make their own subculture (on group level, team level and so forth.) and furthermore will enable them to increase mindfulness of their skills, strengths and weaknesses, and to investigate and challenge with their limits. Moreover, it will define distinguishing and tolerating their responsibilities as member of society, assemble individuals and subjects of their communities. With the last public event and our social media dissemination techniques, we mean to reach many youngsters that we could make and expect positive movement about this.. We also believe that this Youth Exchange will have strong influence on the participated associations and will give them a chance to build up their capacities implemented by participating in this project. In fact, the project will be participants and partners’ advantage to build new contacts, to increase their system and create thoughts for future projects which can be implemented at different dimensions. Most importantly, this Youth Exchange shows an opportunity for youth all around Europe to meet and work together and to create big outcomes like guideline and suggestions for other youth and associations keen on future projects.