Project Reference: 2019-1-UK01-KA105-060819
Country: United Kingdom
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 7

The main aim of youth exchange ‘Scree Free’ is to open critical debate on the impact of social media and to raise awareness of young people on the safe and positive use of social media e.g. in job seeking process, involvement in decision-making processes or addressing community issues.
Objectives of youth exchange:
-to raise awareness of participants on inluence of social media on behaviour with special focus to be paid to self-esteem and self-confidence;
-to increase participant’s competencies to protect themselves on social media and use social media in a positive way for own benefit;
-to make participants familiar with different approaches to social media and to support their critical view of social media;
-to develop participant’s competencies such as communication in English, teamwork in a mix-intercultural team, problem-solving, conflict management;
-to increase participant’s knowledge on Erasmus + Programme and to support creating new project ideas addressing participant’s needs;
-to share lessons learned during youth exchange through online media and ‘face to face’ activities in involved communities to open critical debate on social media in participant’s communities.
We plan to implemented youth exchange involving participants from Programme countries in age 18 – 30 with the following profile:
-strongly interested to explore the topic of social media, how to use social media in more effective way e.g. in job seeking process, how to deal with challenges connected with social media cyberbullying, social media addiction;
-interested to get to know social media practices from other countries and learn from their peers how to work with social media in effective way e.g. in increasing awareness on certain issue/topic that is applying for them;
-they are aware of the ‘danger of social medias’ and the impact of social networks on youth development and are strongly interested to gain deeper insight into the influence of social networks on self-esteem, self-awareness;
-motivated to work on the development of their personal and professional competencies in an international setting (communication, teamwork, problem-solving, conflict management, facilitation and presentation);
-motivated to take part in Erasmus + project, work in the international team and share their experiences in follow up period;
-interested to work on the development of competencies such as communication in foreigner language – English, teamwork, problem-solving, facilitation. Part of the group will be young people with fewer opportunities lacking access to opportunities for self- and professional development and these young people want to participate in international mobility project because it provides them an opportunity to gain new competencies and work on themselves.
The group of participants of youth exchange will include participants with fewer opportunities facing cultural differences and social and economic obstacles.
Youth exchange ‘Screen Free’ will increase participant’s competencies to use social media in an effective and safe way. It will raise awareness of participants on the role of social media in their lives and make them think critically about social media content. It will raise their knowledge on Erasmus + Programme and motivate them to share new lessons learned with their peers. Youth exchange will develop capacities of the organizations in youth project management, working with young people on the topic of social media. Moreover, organizations will have an opportunity to develop new partnerships.
The project will bring new project ideas, the booklet of good practices, videos and project blog. From all these results can benefit other young people and organizations interested in social media, raising their knowledge and competencies.