Project Reference: 2019-1-UK01-KA105-061336
Country: United Kingdom
Type of Project: Youth mobility
Number of sent participants: 8

We want to carry out youth exchange ‘We Can!’ with aim to increase entrepreneurial mindset of young people including young people with fewer opportunities and develop their competencies to realize international mobility activities with support of Erasmus + Programme. The idea of the youth exchange came up directly from our group young people who share strong need to learn about project management of youth projects under Erasmus + Project and to work on development of own project idea. Taking this need as starting point we decided to realize youth exchange open to newcomers in the field of Erasmus + Programme with goal to provide them an opportunity an opportunity to explore various aspects of project management under Erasmus + Programme and prepare them to organize own project youth exchange under Key Action 1.
Objectives of the youth exchange ‘We Can!’:
– To develop competencies of active young people to realize youth exchange under Key Action 1 of Erasmus + Programme;
– To increase understanding of the participants on the role of Erasmus + Programme and Key Action 1 and key European Strategy: Europe 2020;
– To equipped the participants by set of competencies (knowledge on the process of identifying and selecting the partners, ensuring visibility and dissemination of the project results, involvement of young people with fewer opportunities, cooperation with stakeholders representing other sectors) that they can apply through the project stages while working on realization of own project idea;
– To strengthen knowledge of the participants in the area of project management cycle of Erasmus + Programme including reflection on the role of various bodies – EACEA, SALTOs, National Agencies, non-governmental organizations;
– To develop soft skills of the participants in the areas of communication, teamwork, problem solving and conflict management in intercultural settings;
– To support creating new partnerships and networks that can be used in the process of developing new projects;
– To provide space to brainstorm new ideas and work on their development with support of group leaders and participating organizations.
We plan to implemented youth exchange with Programme countries. We plan to involve 56 participants with following profile:
-young people in age 18 to 30 residence of participant’s countries;
-strongly interested in raising knowledge on Erasmus + Programme, youth project management;
-motivated to address to the issue in their communities, issues concerning young people at international level;
-motivated to increase their entrepreneurial mindset and to turn ideas into actions;
-ready to work in mix-intercultural learning environment, to contribute to successful project implementation;
-motivated to take part in Erasmus + project, work in international team and share their experiences in follow up period;
– have communicative level of English and be able to take part in preparatory meetings, youth exchange and follow up activities.
Every group will include participants with fewer opportunities facing cultural differences and social, economic obstacles. It means young people who face unemployed, are coming from socially and economically challenging environment and/or might face discrimination, stereotypes and prejudices in their communities. Partners will be responsible to include 5 participants with fewer opportunities in their groups. Partners are working with young people with fewer opportunities on daily bases. They are aware of their needs and interests and they are fully ready support their participation and involvement in the project.
Key result of the youth exchange ‘We Can!’ will be new project ideas developed by participants with support of involved organizations and/or informal groups. Moreover, the participants will gather lessons learned and create Booklet of Good Practices on international youth project management providing young people practical information how to turn ideas into actions, how to realize project at local, national or international level, especially YE. Youth exchange ‘We Can!’ will have impact especially on directly involved participants. They will increase their competencies and knowledge of Erasmus + Programme and international project management. Involved partners will strengthen their partnerships and raise capacities how to support young people in the process of developing new project ideas addressing issues and bringing change.